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Electrochemical water treatment technology really allows you to bid farewell to the agent?
Publisher:admin  Time:2015-04-18 00:26:57 
Electrochemical water treatment method for the current industrial cooling water recycling rate, environmental pollution and other issues and research and development. Multi-level electrochemical water treatment technologies unique to China, the technology had been adopted by the experts in Shanxi Science and Technology Department of Sept. 13, experts found that the project has reached the international advanced level. The application of the principle of cathodic protection, the equipment inside the circulating water system to achieve scaling, corrosion effect. At the same time, through software control system makes the scale layer is maintained at a thickness of 0.1 mm, the heat transfer efficiency within three years to maintain more than 98% of design capacity. Effective control of fouling layer reduces water and energy consumption, compared with the use of chemicals that can increase productivity more than 4%, more than 50% water.