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Water Treatment water into the rural market
Publisher:admin  Time:2015-04-18 00:26:20 
Has announced plans to $ 12 million acquisition of Danish BioKube company, BioKube company can provide small-scale sewage treatment system is suitable for rural water supply and drainage fields.
Water Treatment relevant responsible person said recently, rural and small towns water supply and wastewater treatment market is the future of the core of the company to develop new markets, will actively layout for the rural water market characteristics, namely the acquisition and the introduction of overseas small-scale water supply and sewage treatment of advanced equipment and technology .
"Rural Water Supply security presence in parts of the country risk, cancer villages, fluorine water, brackish water, industrial wastewater discharge violations frequent phenomenon; a general lack of effective governance of rural water, sewers and garbage strewn shocking status quo." Water Treatment chairman Zhu Yongjun said.