Beijing submitted to the Pump Co., Ltd. Tsinghua University School of Aeronautics and Astronautics Institute of Fluid Mechanics for technical support, combined with a variety of process requirements and working conditions, develop and produce a series of more than eighty kinds of base, measuring more than four thousand kinds of standard models pump, combined with automation and control technology, products reach the international advanced level。

R & D, manufacturing high-tech series of metering pumps, high pressure reciprocating pumps, mining pump, complete chemical dosing devices and high-precision automation equipment, has become the dominant model for similar industries, its reasonable design, excellent quality, perfect service, won the trust of users, is now widely used in petroleum, chemical, environmental, thermoelectric, metallurgy, paper, pharmaceutical, food and gas fields, including automatic dosing equipment has been successfully used in research work in the field of defense and aviation. Companies in the municipal sewage treatment and industrial waste water treatment dosing EPC project also has a wealth of operational experience

Submitted to the Pump done by "customer first, quality and efficient, energy saving, safety first, continuous improvement" management approach, innovative and aggressive pursuit of perfection, in good faith and build brand strength. All products in strict accordance with ISO9001 / ISO14001 / GB / T28001 international standard three-system of production, the factory management to implement 5S fine, up to the national and international standards and technical requirements, the product of choice of raw materials and accessories in full accordance with or exceed national standards.

1.Hydraulic diaphragm Series
Hydraulic diaphragm Series is a hydraulic transmission membrane, through the hydraulic oil (or other suitable medium) connecting the diaphragm and the plunger, diaphragm plunger given by the oil pressure pulsation reciprocates between the plunger and diaphragm There is no mechanical connection between.

precise automatic control system for the built-in compensation valve for accurate control to ensure that the diaphragm is not overloaded, some of the harsh conditions, such as clogged or outlet valve is shut will happen even in the pump failure. Because compensation valve only reached the end of the suction stroke when the diaphragm will be driven, that is exposed to the diaphragm stopper pin will put the compensation valve is opened. This prevents hydraulic system overload, ensure the membrane life of 10,000 hours.

Hydraulic diaphragm pump diaphragm stress, not dependent on the suction pressure does not depend on the exclusion of pressure, but depending on the deformation of its sides generated by the pressure difference may be. Thus, almost no limit to the practical application of this type of pump。

Pump the hydraulic system is equipped with a built-in safety valve to protect the pump head and gear mechanism in case of overload. Automatic oil and built-in security system built-in safety valve mutual intermodal - using the diaphragm - stop valve - compensation valve. This protection system can be safely used in low, fluid, high viscosity, it can also be used for measuring turbid solution and suspensions of various delivery。

Hydraulic double diaphragm alarm series

Hydraulic double diaphragm metering pumps are suitable for alarm strong adhesive mud, high viscosity media, sterile pharmaceuticals, will react violently with hydraulic fluid medium and when the diaphragm damage will lead to dangerous situations. All performance with a single diaphragm pump, but also has its own characteristics. The use of the intermediate chamber, can any one。

2.Plunger type series
Fluid end performance plunger metering pumps

Controlled pressure, high measuring accuracy, simple structure, easy maintenance, wide application and has high practicality and economy. High temperature ceramic plunger spray (Note: When the transmission medium exceeds 100 ℃, JIAOZHI chrome plated stainless steel piston); German import filler; JIAOZHI filler with automatic reset system: When a gap appears between the filler and plunger wear, automatic reset device can be adjusted immediately to its original working state, so as to effectively prevent media leaks。

When the piston head of media delivery requires heat or cooling, it can be used with insulation jacket。

Insulation cooling jacket plunger泵头

It is a special design of piston metering pumps. In the liquid cylinder with cooling interlayer insulation housing on the import and export, transport medium can be special insulation or cooling. While its sealed chamber with heat or cooling jacket, through the delivery of heat or cooling medium jacket to control the temperature of the seal chamber. Steam heating insulation is relatively stable, the transmission medium temperature difference is relatively small. It is mainly used to transport large to be heated or viscosity and the viscosity decreases with increasing temperature of the medium. But also for special insulation design, specially designed casing jacket and sealing device is suitable for easy crystal, thermal transfer medium required according to the user's needs.

3.Mechanical Diaphragm Series

Economical and reliable
Mechanically driven single and double diaphragm metering pumps, diaphragm pumps not only has advantages and security (operating pressure up to 1.2MPa, the maximum flow rate of up to 2500L / h), and high economy.


    • 1.Prevent pump seal particles and lubricants into the delivery medium, such as drinking, sewage treatment industry。
    • 2.When transporting dangerous media, require the pump completely leak。
    • 3.To meet the high operational safety and reliability provided economic choice。


    1. High operational safety

4.Transmission metering pump

UCam drive mechanism

    • Motor, worm gear。
    • UCam mechanism structure adjustment is simple, easy operation, good price。
    • Linear stroke adjustment with high precision and reproducibility。
    • Whether or running in the park, you can travel between any regulation 0 to 100%。

      Telescopic drive mechanism

      1. Motor-driven eccentric crank combined worm gear integrated, ensuring low noise pump

5.Flow regulation system

Flow regulation system

With a variety of control systems, you can manually, frequency, power, automatic control to regulate the flow. Turndown ratio of 10: 1, regulation accuracy ± 0.5%. Stepless adjustment.

Manual control system
Metering pump is running or stopped state, the stroke length can be adjusted manually, Exact dosage adjustment, adjustment range 0 to 100%

Frequency Control System






6.Production flow chart